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The strength of industry support

Olivia Ferki Education, Industry, Inspiration, Uncategorized Leave a comment November 13, 2019

The strength of industry support

Scholarships can change your college experience. My college experience was changed during my freshman year.

I was awarded SEKISUI SPI’s Workforce Development Scholarship, which was the first freshman plastics scholarship to be presented through Penn College. My scholarship was crucial to my attendance and growth here at Penn College.

Receiving a scholarship paved the way for my experience at Penn College. Being supported by a plastics company encouraged me to work even harder as a student in achieving my degree and my dream of becoming an engineer.

I knew that I had a professional corporation in my corner, and that was empowering.

I was able to develop a meaningful connection with the company and the generous donors of that award. My connection with SEKISUI led me to tour their company during my freshman year. I was highly impressed with SEKISUI’s mentality and willingness to work with the college. This impression stayed with me throughout my sophomore year, which was one of the many reasons why I decided to apply for their summer internship program. I worked for SEKISUI SPI during my first internship as a part of their Research and Development team.

I have been able to maintain and further my relationship with my scholarship donors. Having a scholarship opened new avenues for me as a student, both in industry and on campus. As SEKISUI’s scholarship recipient, I was inspired to become more involved in the community that supported me. SEKISUI and Penn College believed in me as a student even before starting my first semester here, which led me to want to further my connection with the Penn College Community. As a student, I have been able to work as a Student Development Assistant on campus and connect with alumni, as well as friends of the college. As a Resident Assistant, I have been given the opportunity to create a community for first-year students on campus. As a scholarship recipient, I was given the opportunity to act as the Scholarship Luncheon speaker last spring and share my story as a Penn College Proud student.

Ferki thanks Scholarship Luncheon guests, “You have believed in and inspired students to devote themselves to their education. And, you have provided a gift that I am still unable to truly thank you for through words alone.”

Scholarships strengthen our programs and potential as future industry professionals. The scholarship that I received in my freshman year of college inspired me to play an active role in the Penn College community.


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Olivia Ferki

Olivia is a Plastics and Polymer Engineering student from Bucks County, PA. When she is not busy with her school work, she enjoys running, reading and volunteering. Fun fact: Olivia worked for NASA during her senior year of high school.

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