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Supportive faculty provide life hacks

Sydney Brown Cyber Security, Inspiration, People Leave a comment May 7, 2020

Supportive faculty provide life hacks

As my final semester comes to a close, I would like to thank and recognize Dr. Jacob Miller and Dr. Sandra Gorka for all they have done for the information technology majors and my growth as a Penn College student.

The amount of work and energy they invest in the program, its students and the Information Security Assurance Club is inspiring.

They go above and beyond as advisers to the ISA Club to expose students to security topics and issues that professionals face in the real world. They help students grow, learn and refine their skills by encouraging participation at a variety of conferences and hacking competitions. Each year, these experiences provide the opportunity to learn more about the current state of cybersecurity and to connect with industry professionals who offer advice and job opportunities.

One conference Dr. Miller and Dr. Gorka encourage us to attend every year is ShmooCon. ShmooCon is a national conference held in Washington, D.C., where cybersecurity professionals and students from around the country meet to discuss a wide variety of relevant and innovative topics. Dr. Miller and Dr. Gorka presented at this year’s conference and many students have secured jobs from this and past convention experiences thanks to their encouragement.

Thanks to strong attendance by students, faculty, staff and alumni, Pennsylvania College of Technology was well-represented at ShmooCon 2019 in Washington, D.C.

During our final weeks together completing coursework remotely, they have tried their very best to make sure everyone is accommodated and supported. Throughout my college career, they have always made me feel accepted and even inspired me to become the ISA Club secretary. They have taught me so much and, with the support of all Penn College professors and the hands-on education I have received, I feel as though I am better prepared for a career in cybersecurity. I look forward to earning my degree later this month and starting my career!


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Sydney Brown

Sydney Brown is a soon-to-be Information Assurance and Cyber Security grad. Her favorite class is ethical hacking and some of her summer experience includes working at Reading Hospital assisting the cybersecurity team.

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