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Scholarship Opens Opportunities

Scholarship Opens Opportunities

I never thought of coming to Penn College to further my education. Growing up, I wanted a different experience than my father, who attended school here.

As a child, I did not understand the opportunities Penn College creates for its students, but as soon as I did, I was ecstatic to apply.

My experience with Penn College began in seventh grade, when Milton Middle School took a field trip to the campus, where I automatically fell in love with the friendly atmosphere and beautiful landscape. This visit to the campus encouraged my interest in Penn College, leading me to sign up for a summer camp not too long after. When I entered my overnight single room in Dauphin Hall, there was not a nervous bone in my body; I felt welcomed, like I belonged. My interest in Penn College only grew from there. I started taking Penn College NOW classes during my time at Milton High School. I found that I loved to help take care of people and expressed interest in the Human Services major. I then met with an individual from Penn College to learn more, who heightened my interest with an updated major called Human Services & Restorative Justice, opening a whole new world of opportunities to me along with the other incoming students.

My professors are a large part of my success and support system at the College. They have pushed me further than I thought was possible, creating endless opportunities for me to succeed. I started becoming involved on the campus when I was offered a job as a writing tutor at the Writing Center, then becoming involved in the Student Government Association, and then getting a position as a Student College Relations Assistant. I would not have been chosen for any of these positions if it were not for my professors highlighting the strengths I did not notice I had and referring me to positions in which they knew I would succeed. These positions have allowed me to create relationships with other faculty and students on campus, making me truly feel connected to the rest of the College and enjoy my experience.

Penn College offers myriad opportunities and resources to its students, including scholarship funding. During my time at the College, I have received scholarships that have decreased my stress while trying to pay my tuition every semester. As a full-time student, I have three part-time jobs and an internship, as I am attempting to pay all my tuition, rent, and other necessities fully out of my own pocket.

The scholarship aid that I receive is incredibly helpful – paying for tuition and textbooks to succeed in my classes, and allowing me to become more involved at Penn College instead of working additional shifts to make my College career possible.

I am forever thankful for all the professors, co-workers, peers, and other staff who I have encountered thus far at Penn College, as the people surrounding me every day on campus are those who create the welcoming atmosphere and charm that Penn College offers. I am also incredibly thankful for the scholarship donors who have helped me and my peers reach their goals and obtain the degrees that work for them. If it were not for my father helping me understand the potential of applied technology education, and for my high school teachers who encouraged me to take Penn College NOW classes, I would never have been able to reach the point at which I am now. With a bit of hard work and dedication to personal success, Penn College creates opportunities for every student to get the most out of their time spent while enrolled.


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Sydney Telesky

Sydney is a human services and restorative justice student. After graduation she hopes to work with adolescents and younger populations. Her dream job consists of being able to make a difference in the lives of younger individuals every day by using her education from Penn College.

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